Seasons & New Year Resolutions

We all go through seasons, not only with the earth, but also in our personal growth journeys. I’m told seasons are important as each one has valuable lessons for us to learn. Personally, I prefer Spring and Summer, as they are so full of life, new life, warmth, and vibrant warm living colors. I really could do without Fall and Winter.

My life right now feels like I’ve been in Winter for the last three or four years. Several times recently the story of Naomi in the book of Ruth in the Bible has come to my mind, especially the part where she says, “Call me not Naomi [that is, Pleasant]. Call me Mara [that is, Bitter], for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me.” (Ruth 1:20)

Similar to Naomi in the book of Ruth, after being in one place (for the first time in my life) for 23 years my roots were uprooted three years ago. I was connected to and very active in the local community in many ways, maybe similar to Naomi. I did not loose my spouse or children, but DID go through a deep emotional trauma that sent me in a downward spiral very similar to what Naomi must have experienced. I did become bitter as the wound was DEEP. Yes, I have forgiven those who caused the deep wound, but there is still a scar… similar to the one I carry due to the mastectomy I had 16 years ago which still causes discomfort and challenges (surgery is NOT the answer… but that’s a story for another time).

The move three years ago was THE HARDEST move I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been military all my life… born into it, then my husband making a career of it! After planting roots for 23 years, I uprooted and have tried to plant new roots in my current community; it’s not going so well. I KNOW I’m right where Yahweh-God my Creator wants me … for this season, but I’m still struggling to adjust to my new surroundings… maybe similar to what Naomi was experiencing… even though she was surrounded by family, which I’m also surrounded by my family.

I believe I’m gradually returning to my favorite season, Summer, but it’s a slow process. Several times I’ve felt like a new plant pushing up through the soil, only to wilt in some frost. I long for the warmth of Summer!

This time of icy cold and grey days has helped me set some healthy boundaries that needed to be set. Unfortunately, the relocation and setting boundaries have brought my health coaching ministry to a standstill, which is challenging me and bringing about more frosty times. I know these times are good for rest and refreshment, but I’m tired of resting.

The plandemic and all the garbage surrounding it has challenged me as well, as it has added a whole new dimension to the assignment Yahweh-God my Creator gave me.

Photo by: Naomi Havens

Yahweh-God my Creator has called me to a healing ministry, of which I’m passionate about and good at. HE has called me as a Health Coach to Open A World of Possibilities for people, to Encourage & Empower & Inspire them. BUT, what I’m experiencing is that the people who seemingly have ears to hear seem to only want FREE Emergency Room Doctor visits, of which I’m NOT called to be. This in itself has put me on edge, and I’m sure I have come across to some as being harsh/bitter, which is one reason the story of Naomi asking to be called Mara comes to mind.

It’s comforting to me to read about people who made it into the Bible as examples for us who dealt with depression… Naomi, Moses, Jeremiah, Jonah, just to name a few.

My husband recently told me that I am a fighter, constantly fighting something, one of the things he loves about me and which is a tool Yahweh-God my Creator has used to get me to where I am today. But, I’m afraid the fight over the last three years has distracted me from the original path Yahweh-God my Creator called me to take. So, my New Year Resolution for 2022 is to get back on that original path. The boundaries will not change, just my focus and presentation.

What season do you find yourself in today?

What’s your New Year Resolution?


Thanks for reading!

My desire is to Inspire People. I want people when they meet me to say, “Because of You I did not give up!” I hope you have been inspired through my journey!


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You are FREE to Choose, but not free from the Consequences of your choices.

He who has an ear to hear, let him hear. I hope you are one who has ears to hear!


Until Next Time!

REMEMBER: The very best affirmations for me come in the form of witnessing the healing changes that come when people JOIN me on the journey of following the guidelines given to us by Yahweh – God our CREATOR rather than man and tastebuds! Deuteronomy 28 & Daniel 1:8



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