Understanding Over Fear

Today as I pulled the tick pictured above out of myself I was reminded of where I was earlier in life and how far I’ve come in my understanding of lots of things. It also reinforced what I’ve mentioned in past blogs about taking time to learn about people, plants, creatures, dis-eases, etc.

Today I was reminded of how back in high school I was terrified of ticks, spiders, snakes, bats, cancer, death, the dark and who knows what else. I remember a field trip with my high school class (maybe 10th grade) to a park in the Rocky Mountains. Someone mentioned ticks and I just KNEW they were crawling all over my legs; I could feel them! I would not calm down until a female leader checked my legs and found nothing.

Interesting how our mind plays games with us!

Soon after getting married my husband and I lived in an apartment with only one entry way. Our coat closet was next to that entry. One day while my husband was at work for whatever reason I opened the coat closet door and saw a spider. We had Black Widows in the area, so I just KNEW this spider crawling on our coats was a Black Widow. I also just KNEW that the spider could shoot it’s poison at me like an arrow. So I called my husband to come rescue me (he worked 5 minutes away). When he arrived I was terrified to let him into the apartment so gave him my key (can’t remember where his was) through the bathroom window. He rescued me! ❤

My husband and I laugh about the spider incident now. It for sure was not funny back when it happened.

I hear so many people commenting, “Cancer SUCKS!!” My response is, “Cancer WAS my DEEPEST Fear. But because I took time to learn about it and understand it, cancer is now my Friend, my Tutor, as it has taught me so much about how our bodies work and about dis-eases. It’s because of Cancer that I’ve learned so much about Yahweh-God my Creator’s heart; where would I be without Cancer?”

Sure, I KNOW cancer can have some very excruciating pain and can be challenging to figure out how to heal. It is also a time when so many of us, myself included, lose loved ones and friends. Besides having cancer 2 times myself, I’ve lost a grandfather, a cousin-in-law, my aunt’s sister whom I was close to, and several friends and acquaintances. So I’m not oblivious to this side of it.

I currently have a business acquaintance who was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastasized cancer a year ago. This person was told that chemo and radiation were not good options at that point and might give this person 3-6 months. So, this person has been doing natural therapies to which the doctors are amazed at how well this person is doing. The cancer IS slowing down and healing IS happening. BUT, it’s been a long, tedious and isolating year which has taken much dedication on this person’s part, as well as those who lend assistance.

So, I’m NOT oblivious to the challenges.

How much fear has been propagated and fed over the last 3 years with the plan-demic of C.0VID? How much of that is still lingering? Sure, my husband and I were concerned at first… until we did our research and realized that what cured my cancer 2 times was the same thing needed for this situation.

Original Source Unknown / Lifestyle Change Edit by Victory Haven

What are you afraid/terrified of that could be overcome by taking time to educate yourself and gain an understanding of?

WHO are you trusting? Yahweh-God our CREATOR? A human being?

Thanks for reading!

My desire is to Inspire People. I want people when they meet me to say, “Because of You I did not give up!” I hope you
have been inspired through my journey!


You are FREE to Choose, but not free from the Consequences of your choices.

He who has an ear to hear, let him hear. I hope you are one who has ears to hear!


Until Next Time!

REMEMBER: The very best affirmations for me come in the form of witnessing the healing changes that come when people JOIN me on the journey of following the guidelines given to us by Yahweh – God our CREATOR rather than man and tastebuds! Deuteronomy 28 & Daniel 1:8



Victory Haven – Alternative Cancer Support & Assistance Group



  1. Hi Dears,
    We certainly fear the future driven by the lunatics in power…that is another topic by another writer. We live day by day as God said He will take care of us. Thank you for being brave in this cold cruel world. What do you think of Cell Food from Lumina Company? It is supposed to feed cells and fight cancer.
    Wonder if you heard of it.
    Please pray for these times as we know how to pray in the Word of God for the sake of Jesus.
    Shawano WI

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