They Drooped in the Frost

A week or two ago I took the picture of this beautifully blooming yellow flower. I love Springtime and Summer with all the new life springing up and thriving in the warmth of the sun. This flower gave me joy in the excitement of seeing the new life and the beauty it brings.

Unfortunately, we just experienced two nights of deep frost, which caused this beautiful Yellow Flowers - They Drooped in the Frost - BLOG POST - 7 March 19bloom and it’s companions to droop. But, today they are perking back up! YAY!!!

That made me think about what I had just experienced, which made my spirit droop. I’ve actually had several of these drooping experiences over the last several years, which is one reason my autobiography is titled “Stealth Journey“.

This also led me to think about others who are also in leadership positions, Pastors, Presidents, Congressmen and Senators, etc. As leaders, drooping times come with the territory, especially if we are outspoken and passionate about what we do.

At least four of my drooping episodes have come from sharing educational information in group settings where people who have been recently affected by the topic being discussed have, in pain and without knowing the whole picture, taken their pain out on me with stabbing and uneducated responses. I am getting stronger, but in the past would have shrunk to almost non-existence. In fact, last year I was ready to become a recluse.

Knowing that this is what God has called me to do, the purpose HE created me for, and having personally lived what I share and helped so many others improve their health is what keeps me bouncing back.

I now add those hurting people to my War Room Prayer Wall.

Have you drooped and wanted to give up due to a “frosty time” in your life?

Until Next Time!

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Naomi ❤  *  Co-Founder & CEO  *   Victory Haven – Alternative Cancer Support & Assistance Group


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