In Loving Memory of Dr Rashid Buttar

Picture Credit: Liana Werner-Gray

We lost a FRONTLINE HERO last week, Dr Rashid Buttar.

Timothy & I had the privilege of attending Dr Buttar’s Advanced Medicine Conference in May 2020. We were just outside the doors behind Dr Rashid in the picture to the right. Our young interviewer, Marshall Hodges, is seen in the left corner with a camera in this picture to the right.

Timothy & I needed that conference & are blessed to have attended!

Little did we know at that time that Dr Buttar would be taken from us in just 3 short years…. almost to the exact day these pictures were taken.

Our Health & Nutrition Coaching @ is right in line with the Natural Healing protocols that Dr Buttar did for his patients. Many of Dr Buttar’s patients were given a Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis and a DEATH SENTENCE just like I was.

Check out this interview of Dr Buttar from one year ago:

Dr Rashid Buttar will be missed!


You are FREE to Choose, but not free from the Consequences of your choices.

He who has an ear to hear, let him hear. I hope you are one who has ears to hear!


Until Next Time!

REMEMBER: The very best affirmations for me come in the form of witnessing the healing changes that come when people JOIN me on the journey of following the guidelines given to us by Yahweh – God our CREATOR rather than man and tastebuds! Deuteronomy 28 & Daniel 1:8



Victory Haven – Alternative Cancer Support & Assistance Group


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