The children’s book company I’ve been with for almost 29 years has gone through several chapters, the most recent, a MAJOR one, happening right now. Past chapters have only required relatively minor changes… in name, logo, colors, tag line, pictures used with each. The current chapter has required MAJOR changes in name, logo & colors, tag line, website updates, printed flyers, business cards, etc. It’s all good, but presents challenging opportunities to walk through. You may be familiar with our past logos:

Our newest name and logo are part of what got me started on THIS blog (chapter) and naming it “Chapters”.

This new chapter in our company has the challenge that for 34 years we’ve been known by the names UBAH (Usborne Books At Home), then UBAM (Usborne Books & More) … which took close to 20 years for us to be recognized and become a ‘household’ name, as well as saying that we were a BOOK company. This new brand can be confusing and distasteful at first. Once I heard the background on this name I absolutely LOVE it!

Ok, I’m sure you are asking, “What’s the background?” Here it is: the medium used for the majority of our products is PAPER. Chapters are part of the PIE of a book, each chapter representing a pie piece in the book. We are adding MORE pies to our product line, which means MORE chapters to devour! It also opens NEW Opportunities and ways for us to service you or customers!

This new chapter has new guidelines and requirements for the Brand Partners, of which I am one of them. Most of these are the same as before, but a few will require new business cards, tablecloths, brochures, etc for us to use … soon. It also brings exciting NEW products for us to offer!!! One of those is SmartLab Toys! I’m so in love with these STEM kits!!!

Five years ago my family and I opened a NEW CHAPTER in our lives. I’m the only one that has had the most challenges in this new chapter; it’s been THE HARDEST Chapter for me. For the first time in my life I left a place I’d lived in for longer than 9 years, a place I’d put down roots in and had begun calling home. A place I was deeply connected in; where for 5 years I hosted a weekly wellness group in my home which was very healing for me and our core group which we all considered each other as family. I had begun telling people “this is where I’m going to die” fully believing it. Yahweh-God my Creator had other plans!

I KNOW I’m right where I’m suppose to be, but it sure has felt like a desert! I’ve cried, questioned the move, complained about the new house, and not been able to connect in the community. I was use to the weekly wellness group gatherings, once a month health & wellness sharing opportunities at a local health food store, annual health & wellness sharing opportunities at various organizations and businesses, including a university’s Medical School!!

In my new location I’m lost in the lake of fish; the new kid. Yea I know… standing out, showing I have something valuable to offer is key. I recently told my husband it feels like we’re on another planet or dimension, or something. Just like the children’s book company I represent, we’ve finally attained ‘household recognition’ status, but are starting a new chapter. Even though we have the same high quality products and services, the new name will take the public some getting use to. I know people in other companies that have rebranded just like we are in the midst of; it’s challenging to get the public to recognize it to be the same, just new name.

Good IS coming out of this “desert”! I’m learning things about myself and about the spiritual realm that I may not have learned if I’d stayed in the last location. I’m learning about triggers (not the ones on guns) and to face mine and search for the ROOT CAUSE…. hmmm… something that as a Health Coach I emphasize with my clients.

One of those triggers is, like everyone else, wanting to be seen/noticed/recognized as valuable. Recently while looking at the boxes pictured above I thought about WHY those boxes, even though empty, hold special meaning to me. Not only have I been a part of the CHAPTERS in the company’s ‘book’, the CEO, recently retired, went out of his way to TAKE NOTICE of as many of the field representatives as he could. He regularly went into the warehouse, where the pick line is preparing orders for shipment, and wrote a message to whomever the box was addressed to. One of those messages you can see in that picture of the boxes. I’ve kept almost all of the messages I received and hope to one day display them somehow as a reminder that I was seen/noticed, even though I was not part of the high sales group, which speaks volumes to me. That CEO CARED about ALL levels of the company, including the warehouse workers, and went out of his way to show he cared.

This got me to thinking about other ways that mean a lot to me and help me know I’ve been seen/noticed/recognized as valuable. One of those is pictured above where I’m holding an award for ‘Best Educational Booth‘ at a Relay For Life event I’d been invited to set up my Cancer Education display at. Even though I’m outside-the-box it was noticed that what I was sharing is something EVERYONE NEEDS to know.

You may be thinking, “Big Deal!”, to which I ask, “Have YOU WALKED in MY SHOES?”

The Most Important Certification/Ordination

My most heartwarming and humbling realization of being seen/noticed is found in Jeremiah 1:5, Isaiah 43:1, Daniel 1:8

One of the challenges I’ve faced over the last 5 years is the questions, “What are your credentials? What are your certifications?” I recently realized that THE MOST IMPORTANT certification/ordination came from Jehovah Mekoddishkem. All others are so luciferian…. Created by MAN FOR MAN. In the end, the one that matters most is what is received from Jehovah Mekoddishkem.

What book and chapter are YOU in? Are you struggling to be seen/noticed/recognized as valuable?

The chapters pictured above are from my autobiography, Stealth Journey. They are the chapters my husband and daughter wrote to give you their perspective of the journey I’ve been assigned by Jehovah Mekoddishkem. It’s humbling to realize that HE trusted me so much to ask me to be HIS vessel to share HIS Story and TRUTH. HE sees me as being a VALUABLE part of HIS story!

Stealth Journey was chosen as the title of my autobiography as that’s exactly what I felt my journey was like. Stealth Bombers fly undetected by radar. Even though I was highly involved in the area I lived in, including THE Mega Church in the area, I felt like a Stealth Bomber…. no one knew or cared what my cancer journey was like or how it was affecting me. To be honest, I’m realizing that my whole life has been a Stealth Bomber.

I feel a Disclaimer is needed here. Please understand, I am NOT looking for fame and fortune! I don’t need my name in lights. BUT, I have been given a mission and a story to tell. I’m just struggling with not having the opportunities to share that mission and story like I had for so many years in my last location. Jehovah Mekoddishkem IS giving me opportunities through my Bookmobile, of which I’m grateful for. I just miss the ongoing opportunities I had.

Do you have children or grandchildren? Do they feel valued? Do they feel seen/noticed/recognized by you and their parent(s)? If not, what needs to change? Do they maybe feel like Stealth Bombers?

Who else in our lives need to be seen/noticed/recognized as valuable?

My husband and I recently watched two movies that bring this home to me!

  1. 5,000 Blankets – based on a True Story about a family that dealt with PTSD and Homelessness – available on PureFlix
  2. Redeeming LoveWARNING Viewer Digression Advised! A fictional story based on Hosea in the Bible – available on Amazon

If you are one of those saying, “What’s the big deal!” I invite you to watch these. Have YOU walked in THEIR shoes?

Photo by Pixabay on

Why is it that so many people on certain Social Media platforms ask if their posts are being seen, or being Shadow Banned?

BTW – Stealth Bombers DO have a way of making a BIG ‘Splash’!


Thanks for reading!

My desire is to Inspire People. I want people when they meet me to say, “Because of You I did not give up!” I hope you
have been inspired through my journey!


You are FREE to Choose, but not free from the Consequences of your choices.

He who has an ear to hear, let him hear. I hope you are one who has ears to hear!


Until Next Time!

REMEMBER: The very best affirmations for me come in the form of witnessing the healing changes that come when people JOIN me on the journey of following the guidelines given to us by Yahweh – God our CREATOR rather than man and tastebuds! Deuteronomy 28 & Daniel 1:8



Victory Haven – Alternative Cancer Support & Assistance Group 


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