The people who inspire me in my journey

I pray in this season of “Thanksgiving” that you had a blessed Thanksgiving day! In spite of a rocky start, mine ended up being very blessed spent with family that I love dearly.

Maybe you struggled as I did to be thankful during this time when the world around us says we are to be thankful. Even the song, “Give thanks with a grateful heart“, could not get me to be thankful or grateful. It was played yesterday morning in a group I’m involved in as a way to remind us of what the day is about.

There are many reasons why some of us struggle to be thankful when the world around us says we should be. For some it’s the death of a loved one, the loss of a relationship, a strained relationship, _____________ (fill in the blank).

Hormone imbalances, Blood sugar imbalance, Diet and Gut health can also play a role. How many times do we forget these aspects?

For me it’s the curses that have been spoken over me, a lifetime of curses. Too many of them have come from the lips of people who said they were supportive of me and my outside-the-box journey, but their lips still uttered “You’re weird!”; “You’re strange!”, “What’s up with her!?”; “Well it worked for you!”. Even the desertion I’ve experienced when I most needed support. Hmmm… does that sound like support?

I did not realize these as “curses” until the friend of our daughter pointed it out to me when he read Isaiah 54:17 to me during a time of great emotional crisis I was experiencing.

Then there’s the generational curses which so many of us deal with, many times unaware of the origins or how they trigger us.

I’m not going to “reinvent the wheel” here as there are already some great resources to help us break those curses/chains. Here are a few I’ve found:

People may feel compelled to say negative words against you because of jealousy, saying it to mock you, to destroy you, to challenge you or as an act of revenge. Whatever the reason, all negative words must be taken seriously since they are spiritually harmful to your life, for they become a curse if there is a cause.

Negative words may be said by persons you know or persons you don’t know. They could also be said by persons paid to say them. If there is no spiritually-binding reason to be cursed, then take every curse directed at you as a bird teasing to perch on you. It will not touch you!

Proverbs 26:2 (NIV) Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest

There is a problem though if the words were said in the past where a spiritually binding cause exist and is hidden and cannot be specifically repented. Some causes of these curses are unknown and are inherited from our parents, grandparents or great grandparents! It’s important to repent your sins and also repent wrongs done by your ancestors! Some of the things they did could have attracted generational curses from words spoken against them.

There have been many times when all I did was step into a room. The consciences of others in the room were pricked without me even saying anything, and then their cursed arrows flew from their mouths into my heart.

As I’ve reflected on my struggle Yahweh-God My Creator, the Most High God, reminded me of the thankful picture I made awhile back (pictured at the top of this post). These are the people I connect/relate with and who inspire me to keep going on my journey. My list now includes the Shepherd David – who, as a young boy, went up against a giant when the “warriors” of his country were too afraid and sat on the sidelines watching this young shepherd boy do what they were suppose to be doing. I could also add Joan of Arc… where were the MALE Leaders of her time?

I realize that Katniss is a fictional character. But, I connected with her character, as I feel my journey has been similar… that of fighting for the freedom of my people, only mine has been in the realm of Medical Truth & Freedom.

One of the struggles I deal with is wanting to be liked by everyone. I also struggle with remembering Yahweh-God’s words in Matthew 5:10-16, especially verses 10-12 which speak about rejoicing and being glad when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me/Yahweh-God our Creator.

The “Weeping Prophet”, Jeremiah, is another person I identify with. Like Jeremiah, Yahweh-God has given me a message to share with the people. And, like Jeremiah, I spend much time weeping over the closed ears of those around me…. which is another reason I created the thankful picture above, as well as this Thankful Board which my version shows pictures of people who have had ears to hear. Feel free to use this as a template for yourself. 🙂

Thankful Board by Naomi Havens, CEO & Co-Founder – Victory Haven Alternative Cancer Support Group

Recently Yahweh-God brought this picture to my journey. I use it as a reminder that I am responsible for planting the seeds, but it takes time for the fruit to appear.

Source Unknown
Tim & Naomi Havens

One thing I am extremely thankful for, in spite of any challenges I face, is my husband! Yahweh-God KNEW what He was doing 41 years ago when He brought us into each other’s paths, then joined us together as life partners! For 40 years Tim Havens has encouraged me and helped me overcome many of the curses I’ve dealt with, even though neither of us knew until recently that these were actual curses. The challenge is not over, but THANK YOU YAHWEH for this blessing! ❤ And THANK YOU Tim Havens for your love and committment! ❤

Where are YOU on YOUR journey? What challenges are YOU facing? What are you doing to be encouraged to keep going, or to make whatever changes might be needed to help you move forward? I hope Yahweh-God is involved!



Hormone & Sugar Imbalance: Visit the ‘Cafe & Meal Help‘ section of our website for suggested resources


My desire is to Inspire People. I want people when they meet me to say, “Because of You I did not give up!” I hope you have been inspired through my journey!


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You are FREE to Choose, but not free from the Consequences of your choices.

He who has an ear to hear, let him hear. I hope you are one who has ears to hear!


Until Next Time!

REMEMBER: The very best affirmations for me come in the form of witnessing the healing changes that come when people JOIN me on the journey of following the guidelines given to us by Yahweh – God our CREATOR rather than man and tastebuds! Deuteronomy 28 & Daniel 1:8



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