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I recently attended an inaugural meeting of parents with children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Several comments, one specifically, were made that prompted me to write this blog segment. I’ll share that specific comment in a few minutes.

Over my 18 year Cancer journey most people around me, including those I spent a lot of time with in my 17 years in Church Choir, were totally clueless what I was going through. Some of them might tell you they “Know” me. REALLY? How can you KNOW someone you never spend intimate time with? Even the 2 roommates I had on the short-term mission trips to Poland that I had the awesome opportunity to participate in with the church choir. Neither of those roommates have given me the time of day since our trips over 10 years ago, even though I faithfully prayed for each on their journeys (one of which went to a dangerous mission field for several years). The other, after several years of avoidance on her part, wanted to “wash my feet” at a women’s event where foot washing was being encouraged. REALLY???? WHY??? So you could get your “Brownie Points”?!

VH Blog Pix - Outside-the-Box [4 Oct 18]Choosing an outside-the-box journey brings with it abandonment, isolation, bullying, stabbings and more. Yet, ask anyone who REALLY KNOWS me and they will tell you that my attitude is, “With Knowledge Comes Responsibility! I have to share what God has done for me, and what HE has taught me! Otherwise, I could end up in the belly of a whale just like Jonah did; I prefer NOT to do that!”

At times I’ve had to be my own support system.

All my natural treatments have been out-of-pocket, as insurance does not cover natural, holistic therapies. Most of them have involved traveling to other states or countries, staying in hotels, buying AND preparing my own food & meals, as well as the doctor expenses. ALL out of our own pockets. Thankfully, I have very supportive parents who pitched in with some of the expenses ❤

Then I’m expected to be supportive of others going through Conventional therapies? Where’s the Disconnect?

Most pastors, and I’ve been under the ministry of tons of them as a military child who was raised in church from day one, then as a military spouse, will give the OPTIONS for HELL, but will never give the OPTIONS for HEALTH. Why?

I was told by one pastor that he would need “Biblical inspiration” to preach on nutrition. Another pastor said, “It’s not the pastor’s job to tell the congregation what to eat.” WHAT!!!??? One of these pastors has actually spent a couple of sermons talking about healthier eating. Oh yea, that’s because his chiropractor told him that “If he (the pastor) died prematurely due to his diet habits, he (the chiropractor) would spit on his dead body because he (the chiropractor) would feel cheated out of a long ministry from this pastor!”

Isn’t the Prophet Daniel’s testimonial inspiration enough?

Aren’t the Food Guidelines in the Old Testament inspiration enough?

I’m so thankful for Pastor Rick Warren, who wrote The Daniel Plan, and Pastor Steve Willis who wrote Winning the Food Fight! ❤ These two pastors, through their books, helped me to not be lonely and feel I was as fault ❤

Now, back to the statement made at the recent meeting for parents with Autistic children.

One parent mentioned her son is now in his 30’s. Over the years they tried many different therapies. What she found to be the most helpful, was the natural, holistic approach. She wondered if anything like this would be offered through the services of the “professional” organization offering their “FREE” services to these families. The response by the speaker / organization founder was, “Well, you see, you have to respect the beliefs and culture of the families. No grants can be obtained by going holistically. Without funding we can’t operate and offer our services.”

This parent and I knew right then what this was all about! Follow the $$$$ ! It’s also THEIR WAY or NO WAY. BTW – this organization is funded by a HOSPITAL … Hmmm!

In the past I’ve been accused of having an attitude of “My Way or NO Way!”. Hmmm, doesn’t that sound like what this speaker was saying? Doesn’t that sound like the Surgery, Chemo & Radiation community says … “Their way or NO way!”?

Hmmm, my Bible tells me in John 14:6,I am the way, the truth and the life. NO ONE comes to the Father but through Me (Jesus)“. So why was I accused of this when trying to share Health Options?

I recently made an innocent suggestion of something that could be extremely helpful for a family dealing with a cancer crisis. The mother, who had never met me and knew nothing about me, (we have a mutual friend, which is who I had made the suggestion to) informed me that it was obvious that I was totally ignorant and uneducated on cancer and what families dealing with cancer have to go through. She basically shot me to the moon and back with her anger. If that isn’t a stab with a 2-edged sword!!! Thankfully, I had been in her shoes, so was able to respond compassionately. Her response was, “Don’t you ever offer unsolicited information to anyone ever again!!!” REALLY!? Has she never done the same to someone else? Isn’t that what preachers do every week in the pulpit and wherever else they feel led to? Her family has been added to my  prayers.

I was called by God to be HIS hands, feet and mouth to spread the word about the VIABLE OPTIONS the doctors won’t, and cannot tell you about. Like I said, if I don’t share what God has done for me and taught me, I could end up in the belly of a whale, and I prefer not to do that!

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine! 

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 I cannot hide it!!!

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Until Next Time!

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Naomi ❤

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