“My Faith Wasn’t Strong Enough to Do Only Natural Therapies”

Naomi at Dream Campaign Back 2 School Health Fair - 29 Aug 2017I’m out and about regularly sharing at public events what I’ve learned over my 18 year cancer journey. I love the conversations I have with those who stop by my booth, which consists of a 7 year old McDonald’s hamburger & fries, a 7 year old Burger King hamburger & fries, two 3 year old Chick-fil-A Chicken sandwiches, a 2 year old loaf of Pepperidge Farms WHOLE WHEAT bread that still has NO mold & smells like you could still make a sandwich from it.

VH Food Display @ Farmer's Natural Foods - 6 July 2018

Recently I had an awesome conversation with a 1 year cancer survivor. She shared some of her journey with me, informing me that she used both Natural methods, as well as Conventional methods. I learned a lot from what she shared with me, including the role Coconut Oil played in her healing, including the fact that she rubbed coconut oil on her bald head daily and believes it helped her head to not feel the discomfort associated with loss of hair from the chemo treatments.

One thing this lady said has stuck with me. I’ve been asking God why He had her tell me that and what He wants me to do with it. He responded, “Use it to get going on the blog you started 8 years ago and have done nothing with!”

So, here I am.

The thing this lady said was, “My faith was not strong enough to go just the natural holistic route. So, I included the conventional route as well.”

I thought this very interesting in light of a sermon I recently heard. The topic was on Romans 14:13-23, which addresses the love, respect and compassion we are to have for our weaker Christian brothers & sisters. The pastor giving the sermon alluded that “if you eat only vegetables you are the weaker brother/sister”.

Because of my health journey, I’ve found that cutting out ALL animal products has made my health stronger, and allowed me to remain Cancer Free for the past 13 years!

Because of my health journey, I’ve also learned to trust God more that I ever did before. After all, HE created me. Isn’t it true that the creator of something would know way more about the ins & outs of the creation?

The oncologist Tim & I interviewed 17 years ago while making my decision of which route to take for my health informed Tim & I that “the protocol changes every 6 months … depending on what a panel of doctors have seen over the previous 6 months.” When I mentioned, “So, I’m your Guinea Pig?” her sheepish response was, “We’ll yes, but we don’t like to call it that.”

A nurse friend of mine once told me that the speaker at her Nursing School Graduation told the graduates, “Half of what you just learned is true. The problem is, we don’t know which half!”

So, whose the weaker brother or sister? The one who chooses to trust the Creator completely? Or the one who chooses to trust those who are just guessing about what should be done for your health?

In the Old Testament, God did give us Food Guidelines for the purpose of helping us to avoid disease. HE knows how our bodies function better than anyone/anything. After all, HE created us!

Until Next Time!

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Naomi ❤



  1. Hi Naomi and Tim
    Reading Stealth Journey between life’s worries.
    Such timely tips in your chapters. Thinking about what your presentation at the Hadley Wisconsin conference workshop. That it is hard to find help when in crisis. Of course God is with us in his good timing. When people can’t offer help except to offer prayer that is all they can do or be expected to be still for us so we can too.
    It is facing a harsh reality that no one wants to know because it is all too shocking to experience.
    This is so we thank God for his love.
    All we have learned is inspired by the Holy Spirit personalizes answers not many people will appreciate.
    So love to write a book for my family through your publisher when I have it together.
    Wanted to send a postcard from Wisconsin.
    How’s your travels?
    For now
    Marga&Ric Draheim
    PO Box 393
    Shawano WI 54166

      1. Hi Naomi and Team Good to get the latest news from you. I know how it is to not know how to get help from people especially in churches. We are new to the community and we can’t be searching easily. We tried but God is the comfort to say prayers asking to be granted urgent cares in his will. His timing is parr of the answer.  We couldn’t make it to Hatley this week.  Did you go? It is good to have more consideration for healthy diets if we could have had your recipes.  So much to do these days so to party even MORE! God loves! Marga&Ric Draheim PO Box 393Shawano Wisconsin 54166

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